Spatial Rachel
by Rachel Saunders

Interdisciplinary designer Rachel Saunders’ practice - spatial.rachel, presents a body of works spanning across multiple scales. Her work orbits around the human body, contemplating our physical needs; limits and possibilities. Examining and diminishing boundaries between art, architecture and design.

Through performative means, Rachel’s projects look toward what is next, some in a speculative and futurist realm, others in a more immediate context. Previous community engagement projects include, “Wearing the Infrastructure City” MPavillion, November 2017 - a wearable architecture piece and performance inspired by Roy Grounds’ toilet block situated within Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens. “Incontri” Prato, Italy, July 2017 - a performance and series of garments, used as tools for bodily mapping.

Rachel’s projects embody the belief that new, sustainable approaches are necessary for our future in design. Centring around the idea that good design should be accessible to all.

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