(Intimate Encounters)

Spatial Performance + Garment Series
With Isabella Webb & Margot Lapalus



Incontri (translated to Intimate Encounters) is a spatial performance - mapping the poetic nature of everyday intimacies.
The project was developed through an iterative process of design through physical making and interpretation/manipulation of materials. It was also created in response to the observation of interactions between those we observed in the community of Prato, Italy.
A garment was designed to act as a catylst for mapping greetings performed by two people. Onlookers were invited to participate in these gestures - however a significant majority were undertaken by the performers. The gestures were performed in a measured series of cycles.The rigidity and formal nature of the garment is diminished as the emotional and physical barriers are broken down between the performers and participants over time.

Series of gestures performed:
The Handshake, The “Italian” Kiss, The Embrace

Swatches of Mappings
As to be shown on the garment

Trial of Material
Before / after 1x series of gesture cycles

Performance Details

Cataloguing each garment,
counting every gesture and documenting the time taken to perform the cycles was essential through this performance in order to ensure the accuracy of each garment's impressions.

Final Performance

There was the possibility of two types of encounters throughout the performance, intimate encounters and chance encounters. Intimate encounters happened through the repetition of gestures between our group members. Chance encounters occurred when inviting the public to participate in the performance.

Post Performance Detailing 

Linework through stitching to emphasize the garment’s mapping of the gestures

Significance in the realm of Spatial Practice / Final Observations

The idea of a barrier or boundary being diminished relates to spatial practice through avenues of personal space and levels of intimacy.

As an observation, what we considered to be the least intimate of the gestures, the handshake, actually had the most physical interaction and therefore more of an affect on the garment. We noted that the handshake had made a clear imprint and even worn down some of the garments entirely, the action of the kiss however, has made far less of an impression, and in some garments can hardly be seen at all. This may be due to the a participant's level of comfort in performing these actions with an individual they have only chance encountered. Therefore the levels of contact have been adjusted in correlation with the level of intimacy of each

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