Dining Experience
Performance, Space + Garment
With Dasha Tolotchkov


“The body is molded by a great many distinct regimes; it is broken down by the rhythms of work, rest, and holidays; it is poisoned by food or values, through eating habits or moral laws; it constructs resistances” Foucault, 1984

Surrender presents a ceremonial experience of the purest dining, speculating on a potential new world obsessed by sanitisation. Positioned within a worldwide pandemic, the work responds to the increased neurosis surrounding security and hygiene. Transitioning into an unprecedented future we are forced to navigate new social rituals. In contemplating the implications of COVID-19 on our intrinsic human needs, dining becomes a crucial consideration. In a world where much is contaminated and we are no longer able to break bread with others; a safer tasting of food is offered through the sense of smell. Through a series of rituals; the interactive installation provokes a discussion around the future of dining as we consider what could be the new normal.

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